Electrical and Computer Engineering

If you have been academically dropped from Purdue Fort Wayne and wish to reapply you should review the following information carefully. This material will help you understand the readmission process and requirements to get you back on track to Purdue Fort Wayne.

Readmission to Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering program is not automatic or guaranteed, and it’s your responsibility to understand and complete all of the steps in the readmission process. Please visit https://www.pfw.edu/admissions/apply/returning to apply for readmission. 


There is no appeal process for academic dismissal. Make sure all your assigned grades are accurate. If a grade is changed because of a reporting error, your GPA will be recalculated, which may affect the drop decision.


You may be eligible for an exception if,

  1. You have 15 or fewer credit hours to complete your degree and can take all of your remaining courses in a single semester.
  2. There are extenuating circumstances beyond your control, such as serious health issues.


Your readmission to Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering will be evaluated by Department committee.