Graduate Studies

The following theses are the culmination of research for a Master of Science in Engineering in the areas of Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Systems Engineering at Purdue University Fort Wayne. (Formerly Purdue Unversity Fort Wayne)

Kurt Shively (Computer Engineering) 
Implemantation Of The Continuous Space Language Model On A Heterogeneous Mobile Processor, May 2016 [PDF]
Nathan J. Clem (Computer Engineering) 
CUDA Parallel Implementation of Airspace Conflict Detection, May 2015 [PDF]
Jeremy Hershberger (Electrical Engineering)
Real-Time Software Defined GPS Receiver, August 2013 [PDF]
Sathwik Madishetti (Electrical Engineering)
Characterization, Analysis and Simulation of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in HVAC Motors, August 2013 
Arik L. Straub (Electrical Engineering)
Optimized UHF Antenna Design, Simulation, and Implementation Applied to Residential HVAC Motors, August 2013 [PDF]
Harden, Glenn (Electrical Engineering)
Active Self-Landmarking to Mobile Robot Camera Calibration Through Wireless Communications, May 2013 [PDF]
Clendenen, David A. (Electrical Engineering)
A Software Defined Radio Testbed for Research in Dynamic Spectrum Access, May 2012 [PDF]
Reynolds, Nathan D. (Electrical Engineering)
Long Range Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Antenna Design, May 2012 [PDF]
Smith, Robert J. (Electrical Engineering)
Novel Quadrature Modulator Balancing Method, May 2012 [PDF]
Harden, Kenneth (Systems Engineering)
Optimizing Energy Efficiency Standard for Low Voltage Distribution Transformers, May 2011. [PDF]
Frank, Torrey (Electrical Engineering)
A Generalized Prefix for Multi-Carrier Modulation, December 2010. [PDF]
Marcum, Andrew C. (Systems Engineering)
A Simplified Approach to Multi-Carrier Modulation, May 2010. [PDF]