Graduate Studies

Purdue University Fort Wayne Graduate Application

Purdue Plan of Study Forms

  • Form 6: Master's Plan of Study. Alls M.S.E students must file a draft of plan of study before the end of their first semester with the Director of the Graduate  Program for the Department of ECE.
  • Form 13: Request for Change to the Plan of Study. This form is also used to request a change of major professor and/or other advisory committee members, or for a change of the area of specialization.

Purdue Graduate Advisory and Examining Committee Forms

Purdue Thesis Publications and Forms

Original Forms (need signatures). These forms are sent to PUWL Thesis Office. A copy of GS Form 9 is included with each printed copy of the thesis.

Electronic Thesis Deposit (ETD) Form 9 (no signatures needed). It is included with the electronic version of the thesis which is submitted to ProQuest.