Graduate Studies

All Master’s students must file a draft of plan of study before the end of their second semester. Registration for subsequent semesters will be restricted until a draft of the plan of study has been filed. If necessary, changes can be made to the plan of study at a later date. The plan of study must be appropriate to meet the needs of the student’s chosen area of specialty as determined by the advisory committee.


The plan of study (Form 6) must be typed. The following are guidelines and instructions to prepare the plan of study.

  1. Review the list of graduate-level courses to determine the degree requirements for the particular area of specialization you wish to pursue, and the courses of most interest to you which will enable you to meet the degree requirements.
  2. Only 500-level courses and above can be used in the plan of study.
  3. Fill out a draft of your plan of study (preliminary).
  4. If you are a thesis option student, select an engineering faculty member to be your major professor who will also serve as the Chair of your graduate advisory committee. Then, in consultation with your major professor, select the remaining faculty members to serve on your graduate advisory committee.
  5. If you are a non-thesis option student, select your advisory committee. In consultation with the Director of the graduate engineering program and the advisory committee members select the Chair of the committee.
  6. Confer with your major professor for advice on the plan. Obtain his/her signature on the draft copy of your plan of study.
  7. Prepare an electronic version of your formal plan of study from the draft copy. Sign the form and obtain the signatures of your committee members.
  8. Submit the original copy of the plan of study with all necessary signatures as well as the latest copy of your transcript to the Director of the graduate engineering program.

Your plan of study will be reviewed by the Director of the graduate engineering program to ensure that it meets all requirements. A copy will be kept in your file.