Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aerospace Systems Cochran
Cognitive Radio Cooklev
Computer Architecture Wang
Control: Robust Oloomi
Control Theory Oloomi
Design and Manufacturing Cochran
Design of Experiments Moor
Digital System Design Wang
Embedded Systems Thompson, Wang
Engineering Education Moor, Cochran
Enterprise System Design and Leadership Cochran
FPGA Application, FPGA for DSP Wang
Image Processing Liu, Thompson, Bin Chen
Internet of Things Wang
Machine Learning Bin Chen
Medical Imaging Thompson, Bin Chen
Pattern Recognition Pomalaza-Ráez
Process Development Moor
Reconfigurable manufacturing Cochran
Robotics: Dynamic Manipulation Liu
Signal Processing Cooklev, Pomalaza-Ráez, Thompson
Singular Perturbation Oloomi
Smart Grids Pomalaza-Ráez
Sustainable Systems Development Cochran
Systems Design and Analysis Wang, Cochran
Systems Engineering Cochran
Toyota Production System, Lean, Six-Sigma Cochran
VLSI Design Wang
Wireless Ad-hoc Networks C. Chen, Pomalaza-Ráez
Wireless Communication Systems Cooklev
Wireless Sensor Networks C. Chen, Pomalaza-Ráez