Electrical and Computer Engineering
The department starts to initiate an industrial Mentor program starting spring 2021 where you can meet with an industrial mentor on regular basis (for example, once each month through online meeting currently due to COVID-19 pandemic). We may have an in-person gathering in the fall 2021 if the situation allows. 
Industrial Mentoring Program

A mentorship program designed for junior and senior students in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  This program includes pairing our engineering industry partners with our upperclassmen students. Mentor and mentee can schedule times to meet on their schedules throughout the semester. Participants can share the following experiences: reviewing resumes, touring facilities, advising and networking opportunities with colleagues, among others.



To connect upperclassmen students in ECE engineering with industry partners. To assist in the transition of students graduating and entering the workforce with a stronger understanding of professional expectations.


Students will engage in a mentorship with engineering industry partners. 

Students will obtain advice and recommendations as they prepare for the workforce post-graduation. Students will have their resume reviewed by the mentor.



How does the workforce differ from being a college student? Does my resume say I am ready to apply for jobs?