Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering Co-op vs Academic Internship

Eligibility: Students need to be in sophomore or above level in program standing (30 credits including PHYS15200 in bingo sheet), working full-time. Students can take up to six credit hours. The engineering co-op is an alternate program every other semester (summer is not counted), for example, spring, next spring; or fall, next fall. Either Schedule you can be in the co-op program during the summer.

Academic Internship: Students will be working at least half-time and can still be a full-time student. However, we strongly advise students not to take many credit hours as a full-time student.

Benefits of Academic Internship:

  • Approved job description and involvement from department
  • Internship is included on your academic transcript
  • Wagers won't count against your financial aid eligibility (FASFA)

Jobs in the local industry