Electrical and Computer Engineering

Spring 2021 Back to Work -- ECE

  1. Purdue Wayne Prepared
  2. OAA Instructional Operation Continuity Guidance Memoranda
  3. ECE Back to Work Guideline
  4. Three Resources for spring teaching, Instructional Modality Request Form
  5. Instructional Preparedness Recommendations
  6. Stuent Reporting, Quarantine and Isolating Protocol
  7. Employee Self-Report
  8. ECE Labs Teaching 207/208/270/362/437
  9. Tutor Information from ETCS and Campus

Pudue Fort Wayne Prepared

The Purdue Fort Wayne Prepared website is the primary source for information regarding campus health and safety expectations.

OAA Instructional Operation Continuity Guidance Memoranda

The OAA has issued some memorandas about the instructional Operation 2020-2021. Policy Guidance and Instructional Support Resources,

ECE Back to Work Plan

The ECE Back to Work plan (draft) can be referred for ECE-specific questions and recommendations.

Seat Designation and Attendance Recording

Three resources for spring teaching , and Instructional MOdality Transition Request Form

Instructional Preparedness Recommendations

The Recommendations of Instructional Preparedness Subcommittee need to be followed for instructional activities.

COVID Reporting

The Guideline of COVID-19 positive reporting shall be followed.

Employee Self-Report

The PFW Prepared 09/17/2020 Employee Self-Report form was launched.

ECE Labs

All ECE labs will NOT be conducted in groups. Each student will complete the assignments by himself/herself. The only exception is for simulation-only assignments, students can work in groups virtually. ECE labs are suggested to be assigned in alternate way– simulation, in-lab practice, simulation, in-lab practice, … Students in ECE labs (ECE 207/208/270/362) will be divided into two groups, group A and group B. When group A is on the simulation week when students don’t come to the lab and they can complete the simulation during other time periods or remotely, group B will be on the in-lab practice week and vice versa.

Each student will be provided with a pencil box to store their lab supplies/materials. This pencil box and materials need to be returned in the end of the semester. Electronic parts will be prepared and distributed by the GTA.

Tutor Information from ETCS and Campus