COVID-19 Updates
Purdue Fort Wayne is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. For current information on the university’s updates and status, please visit our COVID-19 website. Keep Reading
Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. OAA Instructional Operational Continuity Guidance Memoranda
  2. Online Teaching resources for Instructors and Students
  3. Library and Writing Center Open Hours
  4. ECE Available available tools for online teaching
  5. ECE Lab Alternative Software for online teaching
  6. ECE Senior Design and MSE Thesis work
  7. ECE Lab Sessions
  8. Open PC labs on the campus and college of ETCS
  9. Office hours/Lecture/lab time
  10. 2020 Fall Registration
  11. Withdrawl Deadline Extended
  12. Best Practice of Online Teaching from ECE instructors
  13. 03/27/2020 email from SST - Critical Changes to Grade and Withdrawal
  14. Students/Faculty remotely Access On-campus computer

OAA Instructional Operational Continuity Guidance Memoranda

The VCAA office has distributed several memorandums. The memos can be found at this link:

Online Teaching resources

Online Resources Available for Students and Faculty

Open hours of Library and Writing Centers

Library and Writing Center Services Open hours can be found here. Please monitor for updates as the situation develops.

ECE Available tools

Each instructor will have one USB headset, a USB webcam, and a writing pad. Video conference platform (Purdue Webex) will be availble to instructors.

Zoom is also available for synchronous delivery and advising/office hours/lab demonstration. The Department has acquired 18-host licenses. It can also be used to record lecture presentations for asynchronous delivery.

Camtasia is available to capture slides for asynchronous teaching.

You have the options to use webex or zoom for online synchronous teaching. Zoom is recommended in ECE department.

Each instructor can decide whether it is synchronous or asynchronous online teaching. For synchronous delivery, the recorded teaching will be available for students to access.

Available Software for ECE

Senior Capstone Projects and MSE Thesis Work

Senior Design: Faculty supervisors of Senior Design and other small group projects are required to work with student teams to ensure completion of their projects while taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 contagion.

MSE Thesis work: While the University remains physically open, undergraduate and graduate student research as well as individualized instruction is permissible. Faculty are encouraged to use good judgement in their mentorship and recognize that students may wish to modify or pause their experience. However, if the student is enrolled in a credit-bearing research or individualized studio experience, it is necessary for the faculty and student to work out a way to complete the expectations of that course. All appropriate measures should be taken to sanitize surfaces and equipment prior to and after use. If student research is conducted in off-campus settings, students and faculty mentors are expected to adhere to guidelines for social distancing. [See CDC guidance above]

ECE Labs for Senior Design and MSE Thesis Work: Students can access to ET 331/335 to continue their SD project and MSE thesis work.

ECE Lab sessions

Please follow the instructions from lab instructors.

Open Computer Labs in the campus

If you don't have a laptop or PC, these computer labs are open on the campus.

ETCS labs (ET104/109/215/226) are also open for you to access some special software such as Multisim, Modelsim, etc.

Lecture/lab hours/Office hours

Instructors should be available to teach lab/lecture online during lecture/lab time. They should also be available online during office hours.

2020 Fall Registration

Students, please communicate with your advisor through email, online conference, etc. Face to face meeting is strongly not advised. Follow these steps for fall 2020 registration.

  1. Students check course schedules, fill their one-year study of plan electronically, email it to their advisors. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to fill the electronic study of plan.


    ECE 39595-01 - Motor Engine Controls is offered and it will be counted as TE Group 1 for EE and TE Group 2 for CPE. The prerequisites are ECE 20200.

    ECE44901 - Machine Learning is counted as TE Group 1 for both EE and CPE programs.

    ECE30300 - Engineering Software Design is counted as TE group 1 for both EE and CPE programs.

  2. Advisors check students' myBLueprint record and transcripts, check students' program standing (in bingo sheet) this semester and expected standing next semester, electronically sign students' study of plan. The signed study-of-plan is emailed to Danielle.
  3. Danielle removes the registration hold for that student.

Withdrawl Deadline Extended

If you are in a class that began the week of 01/13/20-01/19/20 with finals scheduled for the week of 05/04/20-05/10/20, the last day to withdraw from that class has been extended to Friday, March 27, 2020.

The withdrawal deadline extension for class sections that are already completed is, of course, not changing. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your academic advisor, department, instructor, or the Registrar’s Office.

03/27/2020 - Critical Changes to Grade and Withdrawal

Please check out FAQ of critical changes to grades and withdrawal in spring 2020.

Official Documents of One-time Changes of Undergraduate courses

One-time change for Graduate Students --> under Graduate Studdents and Applicants

Best Practice of Online Teaching from ECE Instructors

  1. Discord is a very good free app which can be used during your online office hours and simulation-based lab sessions. Read this blog from discord: How to use Discord for your classroom.
  2. Microsoft free Quick Assist is a very good tool which lets you help students on their computers. Both you and students need to set up a free Microsoft App Store account first.
  3. Zoom also has the option to enable remove keyboard and mouse. Visit here for detailed instructions
  4. During online lecture sessions (Webex or Zoom), disable all video sharing can save you some bandwidth.

Students/Faculty Remotely Access Campus Computer

Please check out Instructions of Remotely Access Campus Computer for Students/Staff in spring 2020.