College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Earn a degree that will prepare you for a career that is highly sought after and constantly evolving. Purdue University Fort Wayne students learn the fundamentals of the discipline, gaining skills in computer science programming, data structure design, computer architecture, data communication, programming language design, software engineering, algorithm analysis and design, operating systems, computer graphics, and database systems.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Gain the skills and knowledge to pursue a career as a computer professional or to continue your education in a graduate program. Students of the Computer Science program gain an understanding of programming and problem-solving, data abstraction, computer hardware organization, operating systems, programming language design and translation, and development of large-scale software systems. With these skills, delve into career that is constantly growing, changing, and producing opportunities.

2019-2020 (B.S.) Bingo Sheet

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Gain the same computer science foundations with the same concentrations as the B.S. degree, but benefit from the ability to combine it with another subject to earn an interdisciplinary degree. This program allows students to pursue courses in other disciplines of interest and combine them with combines courses in another discipline that  Information Systems and Informatics to gain a broader understanding of how to apply the coursework in other fields. Choose from subjects such as Biology, Business, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Professional Writing Concentration, Psychology, Public and Environmental Affairs, Visual Communication and Design, and more.

2019 (B.A.) Plan - MA 16500

Minor in Computer Science

Computer Science is an essential discipline in the world of today. With its growing presence in a variety of fields, individuals with the knowledge of Computer Science are highly marketable. Regardless of your major, you can you earn a minor in computer science by completing a few core courses that teach you the fundamentals of the discipline and will add essential skills to your resume.

Explore the requirements to add a Computer Science minor to your degree plan.

International Cooperation Agreements

Students from the International Institute for Information Science and Technology (Shanghai, China), Hangzhou Normal University (Hangzhou, China), and Seoul Women's University (Seoul, South Korea) have the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in computer science at Purdue Fort Wayne after beginning their studies at their home university.

Program with Seoul Women's University

Program with Hangzhou Normal University

Program with the International Institute for Information Science and Technology

Ivy Tech Transfer Single Articulation Pathways

Ivy Tech students using TSAP should view our curriculum and bingo sheet in our 2 year TSAP Plan.