College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Information Systems

Prepare for a career that offers growth, opportunity, and a high earning potential. Information Systems is a cutting edge field that offers job security due to its constantly evolving nature. Develop skills of design and use of Information Systems for the management of information in the modern corporate and organizational environment. Students of the Information Systems Program graduate with the knowledge, skills, and talent to pursue successful careers in technology, or enter a graduate level program.

What Students are Saying


"I struggled with my career choice very early on. When I started my database course in the Spring, it was challenging, but turned out to be one of my favorite classes. Dr. Coronado asked me to assist him in an out of class project and offered opportunities for me to assist with designs for the database user interface, attend meetings with the business’ CEO, and see firsthand how a database is used in a business. Working on this project gave me experience in Information Systems and an idea of what I could do after graduation."

–Olivia Scott
Current Student, B.S. Information Systems

What Students are Saying


"I am a double major in marketing and management, so IS is a world that heavily works with business. I decided that I should minor in IS so that I could familiarize with this side of business. I have never been more happy with my decision. I enjoy attending every single one of my IS classes, my professors make learning interesting and give assignments that can be applied in the real world."

–Clair Marshall
Current Student, IS minor