Graduate Studies

MS in Computer Science

About the MS in Computer Science

At Purdue University Fort Wayne, we prepare graduate students for leadership positions doing what they do best—Computer Science. Graduates of the program earn the skills to remain marketable and capable in a field that is ever-changing. Our students gain the skills to understand, analyze and prepare for changes that affect their daily tasks and long-term projects. In this program, learn how to operate, design and manage complex software, analyze, develop and implement dynamic programming to stay on top of the advancements in technology.

The philosophy of our program stresses a hands-on approach, with emphasis on information analytics and software engineering. The newer, more advanced concepts of software engineering emphasize the design of software systems with an engineering or applied approach. We offer courses in the evening to meet the needs of working professionals seeking to advance their careers.

Prospective applicants should have strong undergraduate degrees in computer science, engineering, business, or mathematics, though applicants with another undergraduate degree and significant practical experience in the computer field may be accepted.

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