Civil and Mechanical Engineering


The Energy Systems Lab (ET 341) is equipped to support research and projects dealing with energy transfer devices ranging from simple fins and heat sinks to mini-channel cold plates to more complex devices such as heat pumps, air conditioners, and solar collectors. Of particular interest are devices that involve alternative or renewable energy sources, i.e. solar collector and wind turbines, or devices that involve multiple modes of heat transfer, i.e. cold plates and radiating-convecting fins.


  • Wind Tunnel
  • Solar Collector
  • Photo-voltaic Panel
  • Heat Pump
  • Thermocouples
  • DAQ and LabView

Affiliated Faculty

Current Projects

Interactive Cooling System

The Parker Hannifin Precision Cooling Department requests that an educational, Interactive Cooling System (ICS) be designed and developed to demonstrate the versatility and capabilities of Parker’s Precision Cooling Two-Phase technology. The cooling technology is used to cool heat-generating electronic and mechanical devices when conventional means - like using heat sinks or chilled water - are not sufficient or are undesirable. The cooling technology keeps the working fluid () primarily within the saturated region throughout the thermodynamic cycle. The refrigerant circulates from a pump to cold plate to air-cooled condenser to reservoir and back to pump. For the ICS, electric resistance heaters replicate the heat generated by electric or mechanical devices. The rate of heat generation changes with respect to the device being cooled in the range of 100W to 1000W. The maximum sustained temperature of the replicated device is maintained to ±1°C. Sensors measure temperature and pressure at the inlet and outlet of each component. This information is displayed to the customer on an interactive screen along with a thermodynamic cycle diagram. The sensors provide feedback to control the fan speed and pump speed to maintain the maximum sustained temperature at the heat source.

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