Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Why I can't register online?

All CME majors will not be able to register online until they have met with their academic advisor and discussed their course plan for the next two semesters. Students should check the online class schedules  to prepare this plan prior to the meeting with their advisor. After this meeting students will be able to register online in the usual way (through Oasis).

How do I find out who is my advisor?

Go to goPFW. If you still can not find who is your advisor call the department secretary at 260-481-6965.

Why I have to prepare a "course plan?" Do I have to follow it?

The curriculum has been designed to provide a careful buildup of skills and knowledge to become a successful engineer. It is crucial to take courses in a particular sequence. Many engineering and science courses are not offered every semester and often there is only one section. To ensure a steady and a successful progress towards graduation it is very important to have a plan and follow it as close as possible. Always check with your advisor if you can not follow the agreed course plan.

Are the courses' pre- and co-requisites listed in the online Purdue University-Fort Wayne Bulletin correct?

The Purdue Fort Wayne Catalog does not have the most up-to-date information about the CME programs. For accuracy visit the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering web site. The bingo sheet for each CME program has the correct pre- and co-requisite information.

What are the pre-requisites to take the first senior design course?

Students are strongly advised to plan ahead and take all the required pre- and co-requisite courses before signing up for the first senior design course. Students will not be allowed to take this course unless they have completed these requirements. The pre- and co-requisites are:

  • For Civil Engineering majors: Senior Standing and advisor approval
  • For Mechanical Engineering majors: P: ME 321, ME 369; C: ME 322

I am planning to graduate next semester, what should I do?

Please make an appointment to see your academic advisor before the next semester starts. Also fill out this graduation application.

How do I know what my class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) is?

Your class standing is based upon progress made toward completing the requirements of your engineering degree program. Therefore, you earn sophomore standing after you have successfully completed a quarter of the degree requirements; Junior standing after you have successfully completed one half of them; and Senior standing after successful completion of three quarters of those requirements. Only relevant courses, i.e. they are in the bingo sheet, on your official transcript from the university are used in this determination, specifically:

  • 90 credits = Senior
  • 60 credits = Junior
  • 30 credits (including PHYS 152) = Sophomore

Naturally, this answer assumes that you know the requirements for your degree program. Note that filing a plan of study and updating it regularly will assist you in this process.

My BLUEprint shows incorrectly my class standing and/or major. What should I do?

The database used by My BLUEprint needs to be updated. Contact your academic advisor and then the department administrative assistant who will assist you in correcting this problem.

When I started in Purdue University-Fort Wayne the course plan for my major had required and elective courses that no longer exists and which I have not yet taken. What should I do?

Because of advances in technology engineering curricula are always subject to change. When changes occur every effort is made to not penalize students who are following an outdated course plan. For every course that is no longer offered there is an equivalent course(s) that can be taken. Every course that was taken following the old curriculum will count towards graduation and there is no need to take the new equivalent course(s). If you have any doubts always check with your academic advisor.

When preparing my course plan using the online schedules I noticed that there is a time conflict between courses that I am supposed to take in the same semester, what should I do?

Every effort is made to avoid this type of conflict.It should not exist. If you notice this problem contact your academic advisor or the department chair and they will resolve it. If the time conflict is between CME and science courses it might take some time to have the problem resolved since it requires coordination with another academic department.

I have a degree from Ivy Tech (or taken courses there), how much of that course work counts towards an engineering degree?

Purdue University-Fort Wayne's Admission Office produces a credit transfer report that shows for each course taken in Ivy Tech what is the equivalent Purdue Fort Wayne course. Using this report the engineering department can determine how much of the course work at Ivy Tech counts towards an engineering degree. Usually general education courses will count but technical courses not. Technical courses taken at Ivy Tech, as well as in any technology program, are not based on college level calculus and differential equations and thus do not meet the requirements of the curriculum of an accredited engineering program.

As an engineering student I have to take several math courses. What can I do to get a minor in mathematics?

For requirements about how to earn a minor in mathematics please refer to the Purdue Fort Wayne Bulletin and visit the following webpage: Minor in Mathematics.

As an engineering student I take PHYS 152 and PHYS 251. What can I do to get a minor in physics?

For requirements about how to earn a minor in physics please refer to the Purdue Fort Wayne Catalog and visit the following webpage: Minor in Physics.