Civil and Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering students complete a major design project by taking a required two semester course sequence during their senior year. This is a course sequence where students apply the knowledge and skills gained in the curriculum to a large-scale, team-oriented design project.

The design project reflects a balanced view of hardware/software trade-offs, requiring the use of good design methodology and consideration of non-technical aspects, such as design process, cost, safety, and reliability.

All senior design projects must be performed as teams. No individual projects are permitted. Each project is advised by one faculty member. The minimum size of any team is two. The size and composition of the team should properly match the nature and complexity of the project. It is strongly discouraged to have a team with more than five students.

There is an overall course coordinator and each team is supervised by a faculty member. Multidisciplinary projects may include students from at least two engineering programs, or can include students and advisors from other programs.