Civil and Mechanical Engineering


All the Civil Engineering students must complete the required course of CE 487 Capstone Senior Design (I). After CE 487, there is an option for the student to follow their design by building the project, which is CE 488 Capstone Senior Design (II) in next semester. 

In CE 487, the students will do planning, analysis, design, and evaluation of a civil engineering project, which is an integrated and realistic group project with enough complexity and involving as many as possible the major aspects of the civil engineering profession. This course has emphasis on teamwork with at least 2 students, project management, testing through simulation or modeling, oral and written communications. The main objective of this course is to train the students to develop the capabilities of solving real-world problems. The students are expected to apply the knowledge from their previous courses to accomplish projects formulation, conceptual and detailed designs, technical evaluations and assessment, and communications. The ideal project design should follow scientific and engineering principles with adequate considerations of economic, social, environmental, and sustainable impacts.

There is an overall course coordinator and each team is supervised by a faculty member. Multidisciplinary projects may include students from at least two engineering programs, or can include students and advisors from other programs.