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Information Technology Minor

Information Technology Minor

The Information Technology Minor can complement nearly every major as most majors have some degree of involvement with technology.  The minor provides insight into how technology is designed, developed, and implemented, providing a snapshot into the ever-expanding Information Technology field.  There are no special requirements (GPA or class standing) for a student wishing to add the IT minor.

Curriculum for IT Minor

                  ITC11000 – Fundamentals of IT (P: None) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC 13000 - Fundamentals of Programming (P: None) (Cr. 3) OR
                  ECET11400 – Visual Basic Programming (P: None) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC 21000 – Information Tech Systems (P: ITC11000) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC 33100 – Networks I (P:ITC11000 or ITC23000) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC 35000 – Databases (P:ITC21000 and ECET11400) (Cr. 3)

                  ITC 37000 - Human Computer Interaction (P:ITC21000) (Cr. 3) OR
                  ITC 38000 – Project Integration (P:ITC21000) (Cr. 3)

                 Total Credit Hours = 18 credit hours

For more information, contact Michelle Parker (, 260-481-5716, ET 205G.