Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Job & Research Opportunities

The Computer, Electrical, and Information Technology Department is a participant in the Cooperative Education Program at IPFW. Cooperative Education at IPFW is a formal plan that allows you to alternate academic study with study related work.  Work experience is considered vital to the learning process. Not only must the employment be related to your field of study, but it must increase in responsibility and difficulty as you advance. You receive credit and pay for the co-op experience.

You gain work experience in your chosen field of study, pretest your career choice, finance your education, expand your placement options, and develop your human relations skills in the workplace. Neither you nor your employer are obligated to make or accept an offer for permanent employment after co-op ends. You typically enter the co-op program after your freshman year and alternate full-time semesters of study with full-time semesters of work. Generally two co-op students share one position and alternate semesters. Additional information is available through the Co-op Education office in room NF 337 (260-481-6918).

IPFW Cooperative Education Website