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2017 The BIG Event

CEIT group before

Over 500 IPFW volunteers gathered early on a beautiful April Saturday morning. Chancellor Carwein asked the group to raise hands if they had been part of The BIG Event each year of their IPFW experience, and a scattering of hands shot up-including those of CEIT Department Chair, Gary Steffen. The Event is in its 6th year, and CEIT Team Awesome, has been involved in the event every year since 2012. Up to 2017, CEIT Team Awesome has helped the Boys and Girls Club, the Community Harvest Food Bank, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, the World Baseball Academy, and the Associated Churches Food Bank.

Mayor Tom Henry also praised The 2017 BIG Event volunteers as part of what makes Fort Wayne a great community.  He said our community spirit draws new businesses and visitors into town and makes other cities envious of what we have going. 

This year, CEIT Team Awesome gave a spring spruce-up to just a few of the 99 blocks of downtown that are part of the Downtown Improvement District, a group that works to make downtown Fort Wayne an attractive place to live, work and enjoy. Volunteers from CEIT Team Awesome, Campus Life, and Psi Chi (the international honor society of psychology) picked up litter, raked leaves and debris, pulled weeds, and hauled away piles of branches, leaving a corner of downtown a much nicer place.


New Faces in CEIT!

Professor Thomas Laverghetta retired at the end of December 2015, and the Information Technology major continues to grow, both factors that led to two successful searches in the CEIT Department.  Dr. Hadi Alasti was hired as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology, and Dr. Mohammadreza Balouchestani-Asli was hired as Assistant Professor of Information Technology.  Look for more information about our new instructors in the "ABOUT US" section.

20160819-Alasti-Hadi-JW (002)     20160819-Balouchestini-Mohammadreza

Dr. Hadi Alasti                                   Dr. Mohammadreza Balouchestani-Asli


The (PDF File) BITS newsletter has the latest news pertaining to the CEIT department.  BITS, published annually, is sent to alumni and other constituents of the CEIT programs.  If you do not receive the BITS mailing, please EMAIL Gary Steffen

The ETAP Power Laboratory

Thanks to a significant software donation from Operation Technology, Inc., ETAP software has been installed for use in CEIT labs.  Dr. Omonowo(David) Momoh was instrumental in securing the donation that will give students hands-on experience with leading software in the power industry.