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Small Business Development Certificate


This 15 credit-hour certificate provides training on how to successfully run a small business. Students will develop an understanding of the fundamentals areas of business – management, marketing, accounting and economics. 

Who should enroll

  • Current small business owners and employees
  • Those seeking to start a small business
  • Individuals from non-business backgrounds who seek to learn about the fundamental areas of business
  • Students currently enrolled in IPFW programs


  • Earn a Indiana University certificate in Fort Wayne
  • Develop a network of contacts
  • Credits earned can be applied to the IPFW Bachelor of General Studies degree


BUS W100 Principles of Business Administration

(3 Credits)

Introduction to functional areas of business, tracing the evolution of business, business forms, the role of government and society, relationships between administrators and employees, ethical issues and the globalization of world markets.

BUS M201 Marketing for the Small Business

(3 Credits)

Overview of marketing management as it applies to the small business. Gain an understanding of traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques and determine the best plan for different ventures.

BUS A200 Foundations of Accounting

(3 Credits)

Survey of financial and managerial accounting topics that provide a foundation for students who are not pursuing a business concentration. (No credit given for a degree in business).

BUS W201 Small Business Management Capstone

(3 Credits)

Application of concepts studies in previous courses in the Certificate in Small Business Management. A business plan or project will simulate real world environment to clarify the concepts presented in previous required courses. 

ECON E200 Fundamentals of Economics

(3 Credits)

Study of the basic institutions of market economy and the role they play in defining and pursuing economic goals in the U.S. economy. Emphasis is placed on the effects of existing economic institutions and current economic policy alternatives as they affect individuals and society. (No credit toward B.S. in Business. No credit for both E200 and E201.)