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How to Return to School


Returning to SchoolThere are many different reasons to return to school as an adult. Whether you're returning to advance yourself in your career or start a new career path altogether, there are courses, certificates, programs, and degrees to fit your specific needs. Purdue Fort Wayne can help you achieve your educational goals through:

  • adult-friendly services
  • flexible schedules
  • professional development programs
  • degree completion program
  • affordable cost

I know what degree I want. How do I start?

To get started meet with an admissions counselor to discuss your interests and explore the options right for you. Call Admissions at 260-481-6812 to make a no obligation appointment.
Explore many degrees offered at Purdue Fort Wayne.

I have some college credit from the past and would like to finish a degree.

Consider General Studies degree where previously earned credits from accredited schools still count (no time limits). Create a flexible schedule with classes online, or on the weekend. If you’re not interested in General Studies, explore many degrees offered at Purdue Fort Wayne and contact Transfer Student Services at transfer@pfw.edu to learn what previous credits will still count. 

I’m not interested in a degree but I’d like to improve my skills or gain new credentials.

You have two options:

  • Taking classes or certificates for college credit – requires admission to the university.
  • Explore a variety of noncredit business, computer, languages, and different industry courses and certificates at learn.pfw.edu. No admission to the university required.

 I just want to learn something for fun, just to do something for myself.

Check out a big variety of personal enrichment classes in art, fitness, languages, organizing home and finances, photography, and many more. Explore all offerings at learn.pfw.edu.