Division of Continuing Studies

Programs for Kids

Summer Camps

IPFW offers a variety of camps for kids in K-12 grades.  Enrich your child’s education, taking their interest to a new level! Learn more.

Arts Programs for Kids

Browse this terrific list of exciting workshops and classes for kids from ages 5-16!

Summer Reading Programs

Give your kids an important advantage in school - and in life - by enrolling them in one of our eight reading skills programs. Each course is taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development. Follow the link to learn times, locations, and to register online.

To speak with a program coordinator, or enroll by phone, call (800) 964-8888

8 am- 10 pm Mon- Fri, 8 am- 7 pm Sat, 10 am- 6 pm Sun.

Language Classes

Children are excited to learn new languages – and these three language courses also provide them with the opportunity to experience another culture! Check out one of these three terrific courses!

Japanese Saturday School

Korean Saturday School