Division of Continuing Studies

School Participation

IPFW North Entrance SignThank you for your interest in partnering with IPFW Collegiate Connection to provide dual credit courses for your students in your high school! Partnering with IPFW Collegiate Connection offers many benefits for students, teachers, and schools. 

Upon the decision to select dual credit courses to include into your curriculum, please contact Karen Van Gorder, Continuing Studies, Executive Director vangordk@ipfw.edu or 260-481-6267, to initiate the IPFW partnership agreement.

The teachers recommended, by the high schools, to teach dual credit courses will then begin the approval process by completing an application. IPFW academic departments review the completed application and syllabus, and determine how close the applicant and course syllabus compare to the established Teacher Appointment Criteria.

Guidance counselors will work with Ann Brown, browna@ipfw.edu , Collegiate Connection Student Services, or 260/481-5478, to administer and register students into the dual credit courses. It is strongly encouraged that students become admitted to IPFW in the spring semester in order to register for the following fall semester.

Though IPFW has a list of IPFW Collegiate Connection courses, we encourage teachers to consider courses not already approved. The IPFW Online Bulletin provides course descriptions.