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Teacher Approval Process

Thank you for your interest in pursuing approval to teach a Collegiate Connection Dual Credit course. The dual credit experience will provide you with an opportunity to work with university instructors, several of whom are chairs of departments, utilize Purdue Fort Wayne resources, and experience professional development offerings.

Teacher Approval Process Standards

Courses offered through the dual credit program are taught by carefully selected and highly qualified high school teachers who are appointed as adjunct instructors by Purdue Fort Wayne.

The participating academic departments at Purdue Fort Wayne and local school districts assume joint responsibility for the nomination of teachers. High school teachers are selected by applying the same standards utilized to approve adjunct faculty instructing on the Purdue Fort Wayne Campus. Teacher Appointment Criteria are designed for each course. Final approval of a teacher is made by the Purdue Fort Wayne academic department as represented by the department representative.

Teachers approved for dual credit program must participate in an orientation prior to teaching the dual credit course. Annually, teachers are required to attend a Professional Development event that is conducted by Purdue Fort Wayne dual credit department representatives and Collegiate Connection administration or a Departmental Meeting. This training allows teachers to become affiliated with Purdue Fort Wayne academic departments and maintain a collegial relationship. A stipend and mileage is provided to dual credit teachers for this training.

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