Division of Continuing Studies


Welcome to information about the Collegiate Connection Dual Credit Program for Educators!

Collegiate Connection provides dual credit in a variety of ways. Here we will focus on the concurrent enrollment format where participating high schools partner with Purdue Fort Wayne to provide courses:

  •  In the high school
  •  During the high school day
  •  Instructed by an Purdue Fort Wayne approved teacher

Purdue Fort Wayne Collegiate Connection concurrent enrollment program meets the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partners (NACEP) standards and is an accredited member of NACEP, as required by the State of Indiana.

Upon completion of an Purdue Fort Wayne course through Collegiate Connection, students will have records available on an Purdue Fort Wayne transcript. Many of the courses offered are on the Core Transfer Library list, and transferable to most Indiana higher education institutions.

Approved Purdue Fort Wayne Dual Credit Courses

Concurrent enrollment courses are designed for students who have both a solid academic foundation, whose interests can be furthered by acquiring college credit prior to graduation, and who make a serious commitment to completing the course successfully.

Student Admission Requirements

Arabic Instructor