Division of Continuing Studies

Frequently Asked Questions


For those who have never taken an online course before, there may be a number of questions.  We have compiled the following list of most-frequently-asked questions (FAQs) regarding IPFW’s online program.  If you have a question that is not on this list, please do not hesitate to e-mail online@ipfw.edu, call 260-481-6111, or stop by Room 145 in Kettler Hall.

Q. I’ve never taken an online class before.  What can I do to be prepared?

A.  Tutorial information.

Q. What is the minimum amount of computer skills required to take an online class?

A. Students should be able to: a) Navigate the Internet with a web browser; b) Know how to use email and send attachments proficiently; c) Download and install plug-ins; d) Create files and folders; e) Use a word processing program (Microsoft Word is strongly recommended).

Q. Will I be required to come to campus? Why do the times listed in the IPFW Class Schedule indicate TBA?

A. TBA stands for “to be announced.”  If your course is a “hybrid” (M section), you will have some on-campus meeting days and times, which are determined by your instructor (check your syllabus). If your course requires proctored testing (check your syllabus), you will need to go to an approved testing site or IPFW’s Testing Services (see details about testing below).

Q. How are online courses taught?

A. Most all online courses will be run through a course management system. IPFW uses Blackboard Learn. Some instructors will have video recordings downloaded into their Blackboard courses or web sites and they will let you know where to find these presentations.  (If you have questions, please email your professor).

Q. Where do I find my online class?

A. Blackboard Information. 

Q. I can log in to my.ipfw just fine, but when I try to log into eLearning, I am not able to.

A. Make sure you are entering the same user name and password for both the my.ipfw and Blackboard log-in. Your course will be available on the semester’s starting date that is listed in the IPFW Class Schedule.

Q. Where is my IPFW email account? How do I forward it to my personal email?

A. Log in to your my.ipfw account and look for the email icon or tab. Be sure to check this email regularly for important updates from Online Learning.

Q. What does “proctored testing” mean?

A. Proctored Testing Information.

Q. ICN (Indiana College Network) questions?

A. Indiana College Network Information.

Q. I’m an ICN student (from another institution) and I haven’t heard anything from IPFW about how to access my course?

A.  Students (from institutions other than IPFW) are sent an email from ipfw-online@ipfw.edu confirming their registration, along with details on how to access the course through IPFW’s Blackboard.

Q.  I’m an IPFW student taking an ICN course through another institution.  I haven’t heard how to access my course.

A.  Check your ICN pre-registration form for a contact name and email/phone number.

Q. I’m interested in Graduate Engineering courses from Purdue (listed in the back pages of the Schedule of Classes).

A. Students can call 765.494.7015 or go to https://engineering.purdue.edu/ProEd. Students can take their proctored tests at IPFW’s Test Center and will need to list IPFW as a test site.