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wilson2017 Cynthia Wilson
Cynthia Wilson has been teaching at IPFW for 7 years. A Continuing Lecturer for Marketing and Management Courses at IPFW, she received the ICCE (Indiana Council for Continuing Education) Faculty Member of the Year award. She was recognized for her use of technology, her passion for teaching, and consistently student-centered approach.

John-LaMaster2017 John LaMaster (Department of Mathematical Sciences)
John LaMaster is a Senior Instructor at IPFW. In 1994 he was inducted into Indiana University’s Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET). He was the 2004 recipient of the Friends of the University Outstanding Teacher Award and the 2016 winner of the Excellence in Online Teaching Award. In addition, John received the 2017 Purdue Innovative Course Design and Use of Technology Award. John utilizes Camtasia™ and Adobe Captivate™ to create online, interactive videos. He has authored algorithmic, Internet-based, self-scoring homework questions for Pearson and John Wiley & Sons, and serves as a consultant for educational technology by Texas Instruments. He presents regularly at national webinars and conferences, and writes materials for professional development workshops on using graphing calculator technology to enhance student understanding.

Joy Musser 2016 Joy Musser (Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders)
Dr. Joy Musser joined the CSD department in 2004, teaching CSD 115 Introduction to Communicative Disorders and CSD 304 Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism. Recognizing the need for online course offerings in CSD, Dr. Musser received the DECCO grant for developing new online courses and successfully launched CSD 115 online in Fall 2013. Following its favorable response from students, Dr. Musser moved CSD 304 online in Fall 2015, creating online laboratory learning activities coupled with interactive anatomical models that utilize a variety of learning styles. Dr. Musser was presented with the Excellence in Online Teaching Award during fall convocation, and continues to provide online course offerings for CSD.

Jacob Millspaw

2016 Jacob Millspaw (Department of Physics)
Jacob Millspaw, awarded the Purdue Excellence in Distance Learning, began working at IPFW in 2009. His work with the transition of physics courses from face-to-face to online delivery has been instrumental to students' success in such courses. Professor Millspaw's dedication to student engagement through online learning shows through his classes and the work he assigns to his students. He is also involved in outreach efforts, such as summer camps, to expose potential students to the experimental nature of physics.

2015 Heather Krull (Department of Nursing)
Heather Krull joined IPFW as a clinical assistant professor in 2010. She received her Doctorate in Nursing Practice in 2012 from Ball State University.  Since joining IPFW, Dr. Krull has published two articles in the Journal of Nursing Education for innovative teaching ideas. She has also published and spoken on medical topics such as inhaler use and identifying and treating social smokers. She will be presenting in July at the Campus Technology Conference in Boston on using FaceTime for online instruction. Dr. Krull enjoys the challenge of integrating various types of technology into her online classes and looks forward to sharing this information.

2014 Worth Weller (Department of English)
Worth Weller is a Continuing Lecturer with the Department of English and Linguistics. A graduate of Duke University (BA, Sociology) and IPFW (MA, English), he taught his first Internet class in 2003. A Vietnam-era veteran and former U.S. Army Photojournalist, he is also a past president of the Hoosier State Press Association and the 2014 winner of the DECCO Award for Excellence in Online Teaching.

2013 Kent Kauffman (Department of Accounting and Finance)
Kent Kauffman, J.D., is Assistant Professor of Business Law in the Richard T. Doermer School of Business. A graduate of Temple University and The Dickinson School of Law at Pennsylvania State University, he is licensed to practice law in Indiana and has mediation certifications in civil litigation and domestic relations, granted by the Indiana Supreme Court. He has authored three books and was awarded the 2014 MBAA International McGraw-Hill Education Distinguished Paper Award for his article, “A Legal Analysis and Contrarian View of the Syllabus-as-Contract Perspective”. Professor Kauffman is an advisory board member Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching and has offered CELT workshops on legal issues related to college teaching. Last year, he was awarded second place in the MidAmerican Business Deans Association “Innovation in Business Education” competition, and was chosen for the second time as “Teacher of the Year” by the IPFW chapter of Delta Sigma Pi.

2012 Ken Johnson (Department of Music)
Ken Johnson has been a member of the IPFW faculty since 2001. He is presently a Continuing Lecturer in Music, teaching Music Theory, Analysis of Musical Form and Composition Studies. As a composer, he has published original works for various media with Arizona University Recordings, Centaur Publications, and others. His musical work Chamber Concerto for Guitars, Winds and Percussion can be heard at the IPFW Music Department website, its premiere in 2010 by the IPFW Guitar Studio under the direction of Laura Lydy and members of the IPFW Symphonic Band. Dr. Johnson is also one of the founding members of the IPFW Faculty Jazz Ensemble, a musical collective devoted to the composition of contemporary jazz.

2012 Michelle Drouin (Department of Psychology)
Michelle Drouin is a recently promoted Associate Professor of Psychology. She received her PhD from Oxford in 2004 and began teaching at IPFW as a Limited Term Lecturer in 2005, spending a year in a visiting position (sponsored partially through DCS) before securing her tenure track position in Psychology. Because of her connection with DCS, she began teaching online during her second semester here and was instantly captivated by the challenges and rewards of it. Dr. Drouin has married her disciplinary research in technology with her passion for teaching and has published a number of pedagogical pieces and book chapters in the area in [coined for this biography] "teachnology."

2011 Matt Kubik (Department of Manufacturing & Construction Engineering Technology (MCET))
Matt Kubik, Associate Professor and registered architect, has an A B.A. and Bachelor of Architecture from University of Notre Dame, a graduate diploma from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, England. Areas of expertise and research interest are Construction detailing and energy conservation related to the Interior Environment, design methodology and design process related to sustainable design, graphic presentation techniques, service learning as a teaching pedagogy, travel and experiential learning as a teaching pedagogy.

2010 Adam Dircksen (Department of Communication)
Adam Dircksen is a Continuing Lecturer and the Online Course Director for the Department of Communication.  Dircksen’s classes and coursework have a heavy focus on student engagement and application of materials, utilizing project and service work.  He was selected for IPFW’s 2015 Featured Faculty Excellence in Teaching honor and was inducted into Indiana University’s Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) IN 2014. His creative use of web-based conferencing and time-based media to create connections with students was recognized in 2010 when he received the DECCO award for Innovative Online Teaching.