College of Visual and Performing Arts

BFA Program Visual Communication and Design

VCD: The University of Choice in Design Education

VCD students pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with concentrations in Graphic Design and Imaging and Photography. They also pursue the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Interior Design. Course work includes general education and history courses in various departments on campus, as well as studio courses in visual communication and design. Career internship experiences and culminating BFA and BS exhibitions are offered.

The goal of the IPFW Department of Visual Communication and Design is to educate and develop each individual’s creative, conceptual, and technical abilities to meet the challenges of art and design. Programs in graphic design and Imaging and Photography encourage interdisciplinary study by providing a broad spectrum of traditional and new media. Because classes are small, students develop close ties with faculty and flourish from personalized advising and mentoring. VCD faculty, who are all practicing artists/scholars, provide expertise in industry-standard business and technical practices. State-of-the-art classrooms, studios, lecture halls, and computer labs provide a professional learning environment.

Students who choose to study in the Department of Visual Communication and Design are often artistic individuals who aspire to transform their creative energies into powerful communication vehicles for gainful employment. At VCD, a distinguished faculty of design professionals and scholars guides each student through a rigorous curriculum designed to tackle the challenges that await tomorrow’s design professionals in a global workplace.

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