College of Visual and Performing Arts

Graphic Design Concentration

WHAT IS GRAPHIC DESIGN? The term Graphic Design was first used by William Dwiggins in the 1920s to describe his vocation — organization of type and image — at a book publishing company. Today, also known as visual communication design, it is the art of communicating ideas and information using text and photographic, hand-drawn, or computer aided images, whether in small items of print or complex electronic media. Common examples include, but are not limited to, newspaper advertisements, postage stamps, posters, billboards, books, magazines, video and food packages, corporate identity programs or branding systems, web sites, wayfinding systems, film titling, animation, and point-of-sale environments. Graphic designers are information specialists. Their work touches the lives of people at various socio-economic levels and in distant places.

Because graphic designers work for paying clients and since they often work in teams, being able to work with others, to listen carefully, and to communicate effectively, are very important skills. The excellent Graphic Design program produces outstanding graduates who are well prepared for the contemporary, multicultural workplace.
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