College of Visual and Performing Arts


The Concentration in Acting allows for a degree of rigorous training in a specialized area while still pursuing a broad-based Bachelor of Arts Degree that provides a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Our Concentration in Acting is taught by faculty dedicated to your growth and development, who will take you through a carefully designed sequence of study—acting, voice and movement, styles of acting and an introduction to life in the profession. At the end of your sophomore and senior years, you will attend an assessment conference with the entire faculty of the department, in which your progress will be discussed and a plan made for moving forward. Initially, you will be introduced to basic acting skills, learning improvisation and exercises in sensory awareness, concentration, relaxation, and imagination. You will then move on to scene study with an emphasis on playing objectives and building action within specific given circumstances and carefully defined relationships. You will take a sequence of voice classes, designed to help you to develop techniques and discipline to expand your physical and vocal expression as a performing artist. And you will put your textual analysis and theatre history skills into practice by studying the acting styles that have arisen over the hundreds of years of Western Theatre.

The department offers competitive, comprehensive Purdue University degrees. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (B.A.), a four-year program, provides graduates with knowledge and skills that enable them to pursue many professions in acting, directing, and design technology. The Theatre minor is a program offered to any IPFW student wishing to combine a major in any other field with experience in dance or theatre. A full listing of class requirements, procedures, and policies, refer to Department of Theatre Student Handbook [pdf].

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (B.A.)

Acting  bingo sheet [pdf]

Directing  bingo sheet [pdf]

Design Technology  bingo sheet [pdf]

Theatre Minor  bingo sheet [pdf]


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts: The B.A. in theatre bingo sheet  [pdf] (Purdue University degree) is for students seeking careers in theatre or theatre-related arts. Students select one from the following concentrations:

  • Acting: Experience courses in acting, movement, and voice, and regular and special performance opportunities.
  • Directing: Direct studio productions after completing advanced directing courses.
  • Design/Technology: Choose specialized courses in art and design and produce projects for the Department of Theatre and other area theatres.