College of Visual and Performing Arts

“Bingo Sheet” is IPFW’s term for the document which outlines the sequence of classes required for a particular degree. Students are encouraged to download and use the bingo sheet as a means of keeping track of completed courses and to schedule classes. However, students still must meet with their advisor at least once per semester for academic advising, as well as to secure permission to enter classes that require departmental permission. For assistance with or questions about bingo sheets please contact your advisor. For a full explanation of classes needed for the major/minor/certificate of choice please check the IPFW Bulletins.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (B.A.)

Acting  bingo sheet [pdf]

Directing  bingo sheet [pdf]

Design Technology  bingo sheet [pdf]

Theatre Minor  bingo sheet [pdf]

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

     B.A. in Theatre bingo sheet  [pdf]

More Helpful Information

The department offers competitive, comprehensive Purdue University degrees. The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (B.A.), a four-year program, provides graduates with knowledge and skills that enable them to pursue many professions in acting, directing, and design technology. The Theatre minor is a program offered to any IPFW student wishing to combine a major in any other field with experience in dance or theatre. A full listing of class requirements, procedures, and policies, refer to Department of Theatre Student Handbook [pdf].