College of Visual and Performing Arts

The skills you will acquire here at IPFW are invaluable. They can get you on the road to a exciting career in one of theatre’s many professions, but they are also transferrable to countless other occupations. If going on in the theatre profession is what you seek, we will guide you in the next steps, whether that means pursuit of a graduate degree or pursuit of professional work straight out of school.


Whatever you decide to do, let’s face it, employers in every field are seeking people that can speak publicly, write clearly, read deeply and think critically. They want to be sure that their employees will and can commit to solving problems and collaborating with the team. These are all things we pride ourselves on teaching well here at the  IPFW Department of Theatre. We believe that the show not only must go on but would never go on if we did not train ourselves to perform with aplomb in these areas crucial to our profession. Click on the link to your left for a collection of testimonials from our alumni, who have shared how their degrees from our program have helped them to foster strong career paths.