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Academic Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Music - Major in Popular Music

Bachelor of Science in Music - Major in Music Industry

Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus.Ed.) General, Choral, or Instrumental

Graduates of this program hold positions teaching music in Indiana and across the nation, and find that their education, with its mixture of rigorous course work and field work experiences in area schools, prepares them well for the challenges of contemporary music education. Upon completion of the music education course work and student teaching, students are prepared to apply for state license in PK-12 Choral/General Music or PK-12 Instrumental/General Music.

Bachelor of Music in Performance (B.Mus.) Vocal or Instrumental

The Bachelor of Music program provides an opportunity for an advanced performer to earn a performance degree in voice, winds, orchestral strings, piano, guitar, or percussion. Instruction is by highly-qualified artist teachers.  Graduates of this program are regularly accepted into prestigious graduate programs and continue to be active performers and private teachers.

Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (including Music Technology) (B.S.)

Students in this program become competent in another field outside music by completing 26-29 credit hours of intensive study in that discipline. Possible outside fields include music technology, business, theatre, or another discipline, with the course sequence determined in collaboration with an advisor in that field. Several of the outside fields offer internship experiences that prepare students with valuable real-world experience.

Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy (B.S.M.T.)

Music therapists use music experiences to promote health and rehabilitation for individuals of all ages and of all functioning levels in a variety of agencies such as hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, and private practice settings. Our music therapy program is the only undergraduate music therapy degree program in a public university in Indiana. The clinical training portion of the degree program utilizes an on-site clinic as well as providing numerous opportunities for supervised work in health care facilities in and around Fort Wayne. Students must satisfactorily complete a six-month internship at the conclusion of the required course work. Graduates of the B.S.M.T. program are eligible to sit for the national certification exam administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

Minor in Music (Vocal or Instrumental)

Open to students in any major, the music minor requires18 credit hours of music courses. The program allows sufficient flexibility so that each student can pursue his or her particular interests in addition to a required 8-hour core of music classes.The program offers tracks in Performance, Music Recording Technology, and General Music.

Jazz Minor (Instrumental)