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Admission and Auditions

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In order to be accepted into any School of Music degree program, students must first apply to the university through the Office of Admissions. Once admitted to the university, students must also audition successfully on their primary instrument.

Performance Standards

To gain unconditional acceptance into any degree program, applicants must demonstrate the ability to:

  • readily match pitch
  • demonstrate a functional music reading level appropriate to the applied area
  • meet performance standards appropriate for their degree area
  • demonstrate appropriate abilities in tonal and rhythmic memory

Audition Procedures

Specific audition dates will be set in the fall and spring semesters.  For those who cannot attend auditions on these dates, an alternate date may be arranged by contacting Sandra Franke at 260-481-6714 or frankes@pfw.edu.  Links are provided below for the audition requirements of the various performance areas.

Auditions for the degrees in Performance, Music Education, Music Therapy, and the Concentration in Music and an Outside Field:

***NEW*** Auditions for the degrees in Popular Music and the Music Industry:

For the degree in Popular Music

Audition will demonstrate knowledge of the primary instrument and its role in popular music styles as outlined below.

The following equipment will be available for the Popular Music Major audition:

Audio PA/Mixer with inputs for smart phone or keyboard or other player (no CDs)
Amplifier for bass and guitar
Drum Kit
Music Stands


Three selections from one or more genres (pop, rock, classical, jazz, country, urban, hip-hop, gospel, latin)

These may be performed with a collaborative musician or recorded tracks:
     • should include a blues, up tempo, and one additional
     • one selection should be your original tune
     • must include solo improvisation following presentation of the tune
     • should demonstrate technical ability and expressive interpretative qualities

 These technical skills will be also be explored:
     • chord voicings/spellings (comping and other patterns)

All non-keyboard and guitar auditions can use keyboard or guitar if desired for this portion of the audition
     • scales and other technical patterns
     • sightreading
     • aural abilities and knowledge of notation or tablature

Keyboard auditions can be on your instrument
Vocalists should use microphone for all selections


Three selections from one or more contemporary genres

These may be performed with a collaborative musician or recorded tracks (pop, rock, country, punk, hip-hop, gospel, R and B, etc.)
     • must include one slow tempo (approx.. 70 beats per minute)
     • must include one up tempo (120 bpm or faster)
     • should demonstrate improvisation and creativity both within the beat pattern and outside the groove

These technical skills will also be explored:
     • trading fours
     • filling
     • brush technique
     • swing, shuffle, rock, funk, latin grooves
     • scale knowledge (marimba or on a keyboard)
     • chord voicings/spellings (comping and other patterns)
     • scales and other technical patterns
     • sightreading
     • aural abilities and knowledge of notation or tablature

For the degree in Music Industry:  

There is no required audition, admittance to Purdue University Fort Wayne guarantees admittance to this program.

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Audition Dates

Saturday - Dec. 7, 2019

Monday - February 17, 2020

Saturday - March 21, 2020

Saturday - April 18, 2020

For acceptance into the music program and scholarship consideration. High School sophomores and juniors are welcome to audition for comments only. Earlier auditions increase opportunities for scholarship awards.

Please contact the School of Music at 260-481-6714 or music@pfw.edu for additional information or to schedule an audition time.


You may bring your own accompanist for your audition, or you may perform with a Purdue Fort Wayne pianist. A Purdue Fort Wayne accompanist will be available for a $20.00 fee, payable directly to the accompanist at the time of your audition.