Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Paul Abdullah
Adjunct Faculty / Musicology

Kristine Agen
Adjunct Faculty / Music Therapy

Irene Ator
Adjunct Faculty / Organ

Elena Bardi
Adjunct Faculty / Opera Ensemble Accompanist

Diane Barton
Adjunct Faculty / Woodwind Techniques

Vivianne Belanger
Adjunct Faculty / Flute

Tony Beuchel
Adjunct Faculty / Music Therapy

Ashlee Bickley-McCrory
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

Emily Bird
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

Phillip Blaine
Adjunct Faculty / Piano

Jimmy Blankenship
Adjunct Faculty / Live Sound Reinforcement

Martyna Bleke
Adjunct Faculty / Cello

Emily Burkholder
Adjunct / Music Therapy Clinician

John Buteyn
Clinical Assistant Professor / Director of Popular Music & Music Industry

Jonathan Busarow
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

Susan Dorion
Adjunct Faculty / Piano

Dr. Mark Dulin
Adjunct Faculty / Trumpet

Don Carr
Adjunct Faculty / Guitar - Popular Music

Mindy Cox
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

Julie Donnell
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

Dr. Sasha Drozzina
Lecturer / Theory

Dr. John Okley Egger
Associate Professor /  Director of Music Education

Peggy Farlow
Senior Lecturer / Music Therapy

Daniel Fisher
Adjunct Faculty / Music Technology

Terry Fisher
Adjunct / Director of Jazz Ensemble

Luke Fitzpatrick
Adjunct Faculty / Flute

Christine Freeman
Adjunct Faculty /Piano

Dr. Eileen Garwood
Clinical Instructor / Music Therapy

John Grabowski
LTL / Music Merchandising

Jeffrey Hepker
Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Recording and Technology

Andrew Hicks
Adjunct Faculty /Trombone

Scott Holben
Adjunct Faculty / Horn

Chance Trottman-Huiet
Adjunct Faculty / Tuba

Dr. Nancy Jackson
Professor / Director of Music Therapy

Kent Klee
Adjunct Faculty / Drums - Popular Music

Bradly Kuhns
Adjunct Faculty / Jazz Bass

Anne Lewellen
Adjunct Faculty / Harp

Paul Lorenz
Adjunct Faculty / Saxophone

Andrew Lott
Adjunct Faculty/ Trumpet

Jason Lundgren
Clinical Assistant Professor in Music Industry

Laura Lydy
Senior Lecturer / Director of Strings / Guitar

Rolin Mains
Adjunct Faculty

Amy Maupin
Adjunct Faculty / Music Education

Alex McCrory
Adjunct Faculty / Bassoon

Rob McGaughey
Adjunct Faculty / Music Industry

Dr. Kevin McMahon
Visiting Instructor / Orchestra

Ashlee Miller
Adjunct / Music Therapy Clinician

Nicole Moore
Adjunct / Music Therapy Clinician

Dr. Pavel Morunov
Adjunct Faculty / Oboe

Dr. Geoffrey North
Adjunct Faculty / Music Theory / Aural Skills / Choir Accompanist

Dr. Joyanne Outland
Professor Emeritus / Piano / Music Theory

Pamela Pierson
Clinical Instructor of Music Education

Kevin Piekarski
Adjunct Faculty / String Bass

Dr. Barton Price
Lecturer / Music Literature / Student Advisor

Derek Reeves
Adjunct Faculty / Viola

Elaina Robbins
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

Dr. John Romey

Assistant Professor of Musicology

Michael Satterthwaite
Adjunct / Assistant Band Director

Dr. William Sauerland
Assistant Professor / Director of Choral Studies

Dr. Samuel Savage
Associate Professor / Director of Voice Studies / Opera Ensemble

Eric Schweikert
Lecturer / Percussion / Fort Wayne Philharmonic Mentor

Daveana Schieler
Adjunct / Music Therapy Clinician

Dr. Terry Solomonson
Adjunct Faculty 

Rachel Sorenson
Adjunct Faculty / Psychology of Music

Mark Stachofsky
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

James Steele
Adjunct Faculty / Jazz Piano, Jazz Ensembles, Jazz Improvisation

Kylie Stultz-Dessent
Assistant Professor of Clarinet

Dr. Daniel Tembras
Associate Professor / Director of Instrumental Studies

Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo
Professor / Piano / Director of Keyboard Studies

Allison Thomas
Adjunct / Music Therapy Clinician

Jody Thomas
Adjunct Faculty / Voice

Dr. James Farrell Vernon
Associate Professor / Jazz Studies / Saxophone

Scott Workman
Adjunct Faculty / Guitar - Popular Music

Dr. Jonathan Young
Adjunct Faculty / Piano