College of Visual and Performing Arts

Popular Music Ensembles

3RE picturesA dynamic group of Purdue Fort Wayne popular music and music industry students, 3 Rivers Electric showcases a wide array of musical genres. From ACDC, to Led Zeppelin, to PFW’s very own songwriters, these students take on any musical challenge that is thrown at them.  In the Spring of 2019, 3RE embarked on their first tour with Americana songwriter, Ryan Brewer.  The group backed PFW’s professor on a 5-day venture throughout the Midwest.  In the Fall of 2020, 3RE took on the idea of learning, arranging, and recording original songs by student, Sarah Case.  This ensemble is ever-changing based on the instrumentation of those involved.  Whether you are a singer, guitarist, audio engineer, or photographer, there is a place for you in 3RE!