College of Visual and Performing Arts

Gold top Music Group

Mission Statement:

To provide unique, tangible, and practical learning opportunities and align with Purdue University Fort Wayne strategic priorities through the use of active learning strategies and high-impact practices in order to shape students’ understanding of the popular/commercial music industry through professional experiences that directly apply to the occupational and creative environment associated with music, along with entertainment, and the arts.



The recording industry is a living, breathing, ever-evolving entity, and Gold Top Music Group will position itself accordingly.  Gold Top Music Group is intended to facilitate an array of tangible professional student experiences with the faculty guidance needed to take full advantage of these specific multidisciplinary learning opportunities.  Due to increasing numbers of popular music, music technology, and music industry degree programs worldwide, students who graduate with real-world experience are set apart in the job market.  By offering unique and professional immersion, Gold Top Music Group has excellent potential to assist graduates with job placement in an industry that heavily emphasizes experience when hiring.
Gold Top Music Group will be housed in the PFW School of Music and linked to the Popular Music, Music Industry, and Music Technology programs.  Gold Top Music Group will expose the greater Fort Wayne region to the amount of talent and opportunities available at Purdue Fort Wayne, as well as serve as a recruiting tool worldwide.