Future Students

The visual arts meet many basic human needs: aesthetic appreciation of beautiful objects; expression of artistic feelings and emotions which prompt recognition of inner truths; sharing of accomplishments with others; the joy of discovery; satisfaction in achievement resulting from challenging and disciplined work.

Another basic human need is earning a livelihood. People possessing talent and creative ability are more fortunate than most - they have the option of developing their talents and pursuing careers they will enjoy and that will benefit others. While the love of art making is an important philosophy in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, so is the opportunity to make a good living through one's talents and love of the arts.

When you review the following guides to career in the arts, you will realize that there are many career options available to creative people who are following their dream. We hope this information will be helpful as you consider possible careers in the arts and your preparation to contribute to society through your art.

High school students can prepare for rewarding careers in art by participating in high school art classes, supplemented by community-based art instruction, such as the IPFW Community Arts Academy. Visiting art galleries and museums, reading about art, and talking with professional artists are also beneficial. Students should maintain a good grade point average in all of their studies.