College of Visual and Performing Arts

Laurel Campbell, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor- Art Education

Laurel Campbell, Assistant Professor of Art Education and Director of Art Education at IPFW, received three degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC): a BFA in Metals (1974); an MA in Art Education (1998); and an EdD in Art Education (2003). She taught at the University of Illinois for eight years, including courses in teaching practice and curriculum development at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. While teaching at UIUC, Laurel was Director of the Saturday Art School, a visual arts program for community children and young adults. Prior to university teaching, she taught for four years in P-12 schools.

Laurel has presented research papers at the National Art Education Association, the American Educational Research Association, and the International Congress on Qualitative Research. She has published papers in Studies in Art Education, Qualitative Inquiry, and Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education. Laurel was Associate Editor of the International Journal of Education & the Arts, as well as a guest editor of Visual Arts Research. She recently completed editing an anthology with Seymour Simmons III, titled The Heart of Art Education: Holistic Approaches to Creativity, Integration and Transformation, to be published in 2011 by the National Art Education Association

Laruel Campbell

Laurel Campbell