College of Visual and Performing Arts


For a full listing of class requirements, procedures, and policies, refer to Department of Fine Arts Student Handbook [PDF].

Fine Arts Minor 15 Credits

A Fine Arts Minor is designed for IPFW students outside of Department of Fine Arts programs. PFW students can earn a minor in art by completing 15 credit hours within the Department of Fine Arts while maintaining a 2.0 GPA within the classes. All paperwork concerning the request to complete a minor, must be completed and be on file in the Department of Fine Arts before any classes can be taken. Classes must be a Fine Arts major course. Classes cannot be taken beyond the minor fulfillment unless a student declares themselves a Fine Arts major. Choose three of the four 100 level classes below:

  • FINA P121 Drawing Fundamentals I
  • FINA P122 Drawing Fundamentals II (pre-requisite P121)
  • FINA P151 Design Fundamentals I
  • FINA P152 Design Fundamentals II

Select two additional classes within the Fine Arts program. 200 level classes must precede 300 level classes in any area of concentration. P152 must be taken prior to any 200 level ceramic, metalsmithing, or sculpture class.

Resident Requirements: Completion of at least 6 resident credits at the 200 level or above is required for the Fine Arts Minor.