College of Visual and Performing Arts

Mission, Values and Vision


Our mission is to educate students and the community in Art and Design.  Degrees offered are Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), Bachelor of Arts in Art Education (B.A.), Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (B.S.) with minors in Art History and Art and Design.

Students successfully completing the requirements of the Art and Design degrees should be able to do the following:

  • Understand the non-verbal language of art
  • Develop responses to visual phenomena and organize perceptions and conceptualizations both rationally and intuitively
  • Become familiar with and develop competence in a number of art skills
  • Make valid assessments of quality in works of art
  • Become familiar with the major achievements in the history of art, including the works and intentions of leading artists past and present
  • Understand and evaluate contemporary thinking about art


  • The pursuit of knowledge in an environment that encourages free and open inquiry
  • The cultivation of creativity
  • The highest academic, artistic and ethical standards
  • Artistic and scholarly collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary inquiry and scholarship
  • The professional commitment, innovations and accomplishments of faculty and staff
  • Partnership with the community to enhance cultural, creative and intellectual life in the region
  • Diversity


The Department of Art and Design will be a regionally recognized art and design program, known for its regional impact and:

  • The excellence, value and accessibility of its training programs
  • Its exceptional academic curricula and facilities that foster unique teaching, learning and student environments
  • The scholarly and creative accomplishments of its faculty, students and staff
  • Its contributions to the quality of artistic and creative life of the region


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the creative process using the vocabulary of the appropriate discipline
  • Perform or create works of personal and collaborative expression and bring the works to fruition using applicable skills
  • Articulate a reflective and critical evaluation of one’s own and other’s efforts using written and/or oral communication