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Gene Marcus Piano Competition

2013 IPFW Gene Marcus Piano Competition Winners

2013 GM Piano Winners

Thank you to the 32 wonderful students who competed in Rhinehart Recital Hall Sunday, June 9. We look forward to next year's competition.

Elementary Division (ages 9 and under)

1st Prize: Julie Ana Cmelik

2nd Prize: Maria Inoue

3rd Prize: Catherine Ji

Honorable Mention: Soham Govande

Honorable Mention: Daniel Liu

Intermediate Division (ages 10-12)

1st Prize: Geoffrey Ladue

2nd Prize: Skyelar Raiti

3rd Prize: Kevin Wang

Honorable Mention: Janhavi Govande

Honorable Mention: Star Wei

Junior Division (ages 13-15)

1st Prize: Andrew Ganahl

2nd Prize: Peter Rutkowski

3rd Prize: Michelle Tapp

Honorable Mention: Mark Bixel

Honorable Mention: Mark Mozina

Senior Division (ages 16-18)

1st Prize: Stephanie Tapp

2nd Prize: Caleb Stuckey

3rd Prize: Jiwon Park

Honorable Mention: Brian An

Honorable Mention: Valentina Murzin-Kudrna

GM-Competition-Mark 2018

Please check back soon for the 2019 competition application.

About the Purdue University Fort Wayne Facilities and the Rhinehart Music Center

Rhinehart Music Center

Purdue University Fort Wayne is a Carnegie Community Engaged University. The piano competition and camp will be held in the Rhinehart Music Center, a facility built in 2007 to serve the university and community. It provides an ideal learning environment, including excellent rehearsal spaces, studios and performance halls. Ample practice facilities are available, including a number of rooms with grand pianos.

CAA Rhinehart Recital Hall

For More Information

The Gene Marcus Piano Competition is under the direction of Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo, Associate Professor of Piano and Director of Keyboard Studies at IPFW. Questions regarding the program should be directed to him at 260-481-6723 or