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COAS Intern

My name is Josh Denlinger, and I’m an English major at IPFW. Over the summer, I was an intern in the College of Arts of Sciences’ publications office. This internship was important to me because, as an English major and a senior, I wanted to ensure that I have the necessary skills that will help me find a job after graduation. Contrary to what most people think about English degrees, there are plenty of great possibilities out there in a variety of different fields. It’s just a matter of finding them—and I had hope. An option that seemed ideal to me was writing, but I realized that a dream of writing the next great American novel wasn’t practical. However, it did help me realize that I wanted to work with authors who possibly could write such a novel.

This realization led me to believe that my future lies in publishing, though I lacked relevant experience for such a career. Once I decided on publishing as a potential career, I researched and read up on it, especially about publishing companies in New York City (which fed my dream of living there). I was also interested in the idea of editing someone’s work. That would seem dull to most, but it had some appeal to it for me. I loved the idea of having a hand in the process of getting a book published and seeing an author’s work come to fruition. Because of this, publishing seemed to be a rewarding option. However, besides getting an English degree, none of my past work experience qualified me for most publishing jobs.

To gain additional experience for my résumé, I decided to work at the IPFW Writing Center, and in spring 2015, I was hired as a writing center consultant. Through my work at the Writing Center, where I help other students develop their writing skills, and through my writing studies coursework, I started to gain the experience necessary for a publishing job. With the experience that I gained, I knew the next step was to find an internship to see if I really wanted to work in a publishing-related job.   

Through the internship in the publications office, I have learned so much and it has all been relevant to what I want to do after I graduate. I was incredibly lucky. Cathleen Carosella and Jessica Neuenschwander have an incredible variety of responsibilities (and I question how two people can do as much as they do). They work on two journals, Clio and Marlowe Studies, they are in charge of the College’s website, Collegium (an online alumni magazine), and more. By working on both Clio and Collegium, I have developed basic editing skills which will prove beneficial for both the rest of my academic career and once I enter the job market. My writing skills have also improved because I now have a better sense of how important editing is, and I have an idea of how things operate within an office setting.

During my time working with Cathleen and Jessica, I have learned the basics of editing, both video and print, and found print editing most interesting. I edited book reviews for Clio, which involved an extensive checklist that included fact checking, checking for accuracy, and making sure that the author remained consistent throughout their review. I also edited interviews for Collegium, for which I pointed out areas that needed clarification and added relevant information that enhanced or improved the articles or interviews. The frustrating part of the internship was editing a video interview, but I know that this is a skill that comes with practice. I never realized how precise and detailed you have to be with editing videos. It was incredibly frustrating, but I made it through and I didn’t do too terrible of a job, considering it was my first time.

Outside of working with various types of media, I attended several meetings with Cathleen and Jessica, which were interesting. It gave me a chance to see behind the scenes and get an idea of what happens outside of the classroom at IPFW. The meetings I sat in on all concerned upcoming projects that various departments at IPFW are working on and that Cathleen and Jessica will be working on. It was fascinating to see just how many people are involved in getting a project started and how much communication between various parts of the university is necessary. This inside look provided me with a valuable example of how important collaboration is in the professional world and how projects such as new academic journals or communication initiatives begin to take form.

This internship has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me.  It will serve as a strong foundation for my future plans. The internship will not only look good on my résumé, but it was an actual learning experience. I wasn’t doing menial tasks like filing, instead I actually worked on editing print and video, wrote content for an online magazine and newsletter, and more. The operation was smaller than a major publishing house like Random House, but nevertheless, it has been an incredible introduction into the world that I want to be a part of. It has given me hope for what comes after graduation because now I have a better idea about career options for English majors and I know how to find the jobs that others may not even know exist. Because of this and the experience that I have gained over the summer, I am one step closer to getting my dream job.