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In the News: Dattilo

The Curse of Rafinesquina: Benjamin Dattilo in the News

Assistant Professor Benjamin Dattilo recently coauthored an article in the journal Palaios on the ancient brachiopod Rafinesquina, “The Curse of Rafinesquina: Negative Taphonomic Feedback Exerted by Strophomenid Shells on Storm-Buried Lingulids in the Cincinnatian Series (Katian, Ordovician) Series of Ohio,” which was also cited in the Columbus Dispatch.

The Dispatch article, written by Dale Gnidovec, a curator of the Geological Museum at Ohio State University, describes the array of fossils found in the Cincinnati area and uses Dattilo’s work to highlight the fascinating and deadly nature of Rafinesquina.

For more on Benjamin Dattilo and his research, visit his webpage, his COAS Faculty in Focus page, or contact the Department of Geosciences.


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