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Eugenio Ursino - New Arts & Sciences Faculty

ursino-webEugenio Ursino
Visiting Assistant Professor in Astronomy

Ph.D., University of Miami (Coral Gables), Physics, 2007


ASTR 264  Stars and Galaxies
PHYS 218  General Physics
PHYS 219  General Physics II
PHYS 220  Gen Physics

Research Interests:
My  main interest is the Large Scale Structure of the Universe and the Soft X-ray background, as they are tightly connected to each other. From the census of matter in the Universe we know that about 30% of it missing from observation. We expect that the missing mass is in the form of filaments of gas at million degrees, traced by galaxies and clusters of galaxies. The signal from the missing mass is predicted to be in the form of X-Rays but unfortunately there are much stronger competitors. Therefore I am also studying the other contributors to the Soft X-ray Background, like the environment of the Solar System and its neighborhood, and the Milky Way Galaxy.