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Steven Stevenson, Chemistry

Steven Stevenson joined IPFW’s Department of Chemistry in 2011. His research focuses on discovering new molecules and separation science, and he says he enjoys it just as much today as when he started. Stevenson has set records and received many awards and honors for his work, most recently a National Science Foundation Research in Undergraduate Institutions grant. In December 2012, his research was the focus of a front-cover feature in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).

Stevenson employs several undergraduates as research assistants each year to help him conduct this “new molecule” research on campus. Though each assistant has specific research project in the lab, they all have the opportunity to use lab equipment like plasma reactors and handle chemicals, and they all practice taking samples and using scientific research methods in a real-world environment.

Stevenson plans on continuing to discover new molecules, use separation science, and investigate ways his research can be used in sustainability and recycling. For more information on Stevenson’s research, his awards, or about getting involved as an assistant, visit his webpage.

If you would like to view an electronic version of the issue of JACS in which Stevenson’s research is featured, visit the JACS website.