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Jody Ross has been in IPFW’s Department of Psychology since 2008. Her area of research and teaching focus is intimate partner violence. However, she started graduate school thinking she would be a clinical psychologist instead of a professor.  While pursuing her Ph.D., she worked with families and couples seeking counseling for conflict and intimate partner violence, and she found that although research about the effectiveness of counseling for these couples existed, much work needed to be done in areas like gender differences in intimate partner violence and the “extent that . . . intervention actually works.”

This realization prompted Ross to start her own research, and she found her niche in research psychology.  Now as a professor she provides undergraduates in her 400-level research class with invaluable research opportunities working with couples, research opportunities rarely extended to undergraduates at larger universities.

Ross has between five to ten research assistants each semester who help her collect data and code behaviors from intake interviews with couples in physically violent intimate relationships. Her assistants also help her gather data from two computer-based research projects she is conducting.  With three projects going, Ross’s future plans mostly include finalizing the research, coding all the data, developing papers about the projects to add to the growing body of research, and hopefully earning grants to help fund all the various aspects of her research.  If you are interested in learning more about Ross’s research, you can view her full CV and a selection of her published articles here.