Bergeson COAS

Scott Bergeson, Ph.D. is spending the summer researching local bat populations at Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve as well as Fox Island County Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The project, in conjunction with Little River Wetlands Project, will be assessing the health of local bat populations, including checking for the occurrence of white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has been devastating to bats across North America. 

Bergeson Big Brown Bat

In addition to the research, Dr. Bergeson is hosting three events over the course of the summer to introduce people to the types of bats in the area, provide bat facts, dispel bat myths, and give demonstrations on how bat research is performed.  The events are Meet Your Local Bats!, Become a Bat Biologist, which is given as part of the Little Rivers Wetlands Project Short Hikes for Short Legs program, and Breakfast on the Marsh, a program for seniors. 

Bergeson Bat Wing

Dr. Bergeson was awarded a START grant for the project through the College of Arts and Sciences to help with research costs.  The research will incorporate students and community volunteers who will help with the study, and Little River Wetlands Project will be trained to take over the project for long term conservation efforts for the bats.

Dr. Bergeson is an Assistant Professor in PFW’s Department of Biology. He obtained his Ph.D. from Indiana State University, his M.S. from Ball State University, and his B.S. from Southern Illinois University. At PFW, Dr. Bergeson teaches Introduction to The Biological World (BIOL100), Animal Behavior (BIOL345), and other courses. He will be offering a Mammalogy course in Spring 2020.

Bergeson Silver-haired Bat