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  • January 2016, "Deep Learning through Decoding the Disciplines," with Arlene Diaz and Joan Middendorf. Event details.
  • January 2015, "Class Matters: The Role of Faculty in Working-Class Student Success," with Sherry Lee Linkon. Event details.
  • January 2014, "You, Too, Can Have Brighter and Harder Working Students: Increasing Achievement and Retention by Applying Key Lessons from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning," with Craig E. Nelson. Event details.
  • January 2013, "The Seven Habits and Practices of Master Teachers," with William Buskist. Event details.
  • January 2012, "Teaching to How the Mind Works," with Linda B. Nilson. Event details.
  • January 2011, "What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student," with Cathy Small. Event details.