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College of Arts and Sciences

Past Distinguished Lecturers

Complete List of Distinguished Lecturers, 1982–2021

Asma Afsaruddin, “Islam, Democratic Virtues, and Pluralism,” Nov. 1, 2006 (See: Website, Program)

Marjorie Agosin, “Women and Human Rights in Latin America: The Art of Social Protest of the Chilean Arpillera,” March 24, 1996 (See: Program)

Peter J. Arnold, “Creativity, Self-Expression, and Dance,” Oct. 15, 1990 (See: Program)

Alfred G. Bader, “Chemistry in Art,” Oct. 7, 1982 (See: Program)

Janet Badia (WOST), "Rethinking Stories in the #MeToo Era," March 27, 2019

Lowell W. Beineke (MATH), “Gee, another Math Talk OR Graphs, Games, and Geometry,” Nov. 20, 1986 (See: Program)

Steven A. Benner, “Synthesizing Life,” Nov. 1, 2013 (See: Website)

Frithjof Bergmann, “Technology and the Future of Work,” April 11, 1983 (See: Program)

Elaine Blakemore (PSY), “Why Do Boys and Girls Behave Differently? What I Have Learned in Thirty Years of Studying Children’s Gender Development,” March 21, 2014 (See: Website)

Mario A. Boza, “Biodiversity and Conservation in Latin America,” April 24, 1994 (See: Program)

Maria Brann & Jennifer J. Bute, "There's No Real Way to Talk about it: Challenges and Implications of (Not) Communicating about Miscarriage," September 20, 2017

Bernd Buldt, "SIRIously, Do You Know What I mean? Philosophy, Mathematical Logic, and the Quest for Artificial Intelligence," March 15, 2018

Thomas E. Burman, “Medieval Christians and the Holy Book of Islam,” Oct. 22, 2013 (See: Website)

Mary Ann Cain (ENGL), “Making it Up and Passing It On: Margaret T. G. Burroughs Artist, Activist, Educator, and Museum Founder,” April 23, 2013 (See: Website)

Nancy Agra Creaghead, “Collaborative Efforts to Create a Literate Society,” Oct. 22, 2002 (See: Video, Program)

Van Coufoudakis (POLS), “The Conduct of U.S. Foreign Policy: A Practitioner’s 35-Year Retrospective,” March 20, 2002 (See: Video, Program)

E. Mark Cummings, “Children and Marital Conflict,” Nov. 3, 2005 (See: Website, Video, Program)

Ben Dattilo (GEOS), "Misreading the Fossil Record," April 17, 2015 (See: Website)

Peter Dragnev (MATH), “Electrons, Buckyballs and Orifices: Nature’s Way of Minimizing Energy,” Nov. 9, 2011 (See: Website, Video)

Alice Eagly, “Women as Leaders: Negotiating the Labyrinth,” March 20, 2013 (See: Website)

David L. Fairchild (PHIL) “Still Throwing Like a Girl? A Philosopher Looks at Sex-Testing, Gender Confusion, and Flo-Jo,” Jan. 25, 1999 (See: Video, Program)

James O. Farlow, Jr. (GEOS), “Skeletons, Big Dumb Birds, and Up to My You-Know-What in Alligators: Unorthodox Approaches to the Study of Dinosaur Footprints,” March 30, 2000 (See: Video, Program)

Dorothy Figueira, “The Myth of the Aryan: Identity Politics East and West,” Oct. 27, 2009 (See: Website, Video, Program)

Bernd Fischer (HIST), “Albanian Authoritarian Leaders: Have We Seen the Last of Them?,” April 27, 2010 (See: Website, Video, Program)

Daniel Fisher, "Mastodons and Mammoths of the Great Lakes Region: Tales Tusks Tell," November 11, 2016 (See: Website)

Michael M. Fried, "Facingness Meets Mindedness: Dissecting Two Works of Manet," October 26, 2018

Robert C. Gallo, “Human Retroviruses (HTLV-I, -II, -III): Their Roles in Some Malignancies and Immune Suppression,” April 29, 1986 (See: Program)

Ronald L. Graham, “The Last Network Problem,” April 26, 1985 (See: Program)

Susan Gubar, “Racechanges: White Skin, Black Face in American Culture,” Sept. 25, 2000 (See: Video, Program)

Paul Halmos, “What Do Mathematicians Do, and Why Do They Get Paid,” Jan. 29, 1982 (See: Communicator Article)

Peter Hamburger (MATH), “My Cup of Combinatorial Tea,” April 4, 2006 (See: Website, Video, Program)

Gary W. Harper, “Developing Culturally and Developmentally Appropriate HIV Prevention Interventions for Youth,” Oct. 8, 2008 (See: Video)

John R. (Jack) Horner, “How Dinosaurs Got So Big, and So Little,” Oct. 17, 2001 (See: Video, Program)

Don Howard, "Robot Ethics," Oct. 23, 2015 (See: Website)

Victoria Tin-bor Hui, "Tianamen Coming to Hong Kong," Nov. 5, 2020 (See: Video)

Peter Iadicola (SOC), “Violence, Inequality, and Human Freedom,” March 21, 2001 (See: Video, Program)

Christine Janis, “Coevolution of Predator/Prey Relationships in Mammals: Do Legs Support the Notion of the ‘Arms Race’?,” April 24, 1997 (See: Video, Program)

Richard L. Johnson (ILCS), “The Only Way to Stop Terrorism: Nonviolent Social Action,” April 7, 2004 (See: Video, Program)

George Kalamaras (ENGL), “The Sacred and the Profane: Surrealist Poetry and the Profane: Surrealist Poetry and the Dissolution of Dichotomy,” April 10, 2007 (See: Website, Video, Program)

Boaz Keysar, “Living in a Foreign Tongue,” September 19, 2014 (See: Website)

Bruce Kingsbury (BIOL), “Snake Tales: Chasing Reptiles and Promoting Their Conservation,” April 30, 2009 (See: Video)

Lawrence Kuznar (ANTH), “Poverty Is Not Enough: The Role Wealth Distributions Play in Ethnic Rebellion, and Warfare,” March 23, 2005 (See: Website, Video)

Richard J. Lawlor, “Uses and Abuses of Social Science in the Courtroom,” March 20, 1989 (See: Program)

James M. Lutz (POLS), “The Causes of Terrorism: No Single Explanation,” March 2, 2011 (See: Website)

John H. Ostrom, “Evolution of Birds and Flight,” April 7, 1988 (See: Communicator Article)

Frank V. Paladino (BIOL), “Life, Death, and Extinction on Turtle Beach,” April 15, 2003 (See: Video, Program)

Geoffrey Parker, “After Columbus: Spain’s Struggle for Atlantic Hegemony after 1492,” Nov. 2, 1992 (See: Video, Program)

Eric R. Pianka, “The Vanishing Book of Life,” Oct. 21, 2004 (See: Video, Program)

Walter C. Randall, “The Role of Research in a Modern College Curriculum,” March 26, 1990 (See: Program)

Dan Rockmore, “Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis,” Oct. 15, 2007, (See: Video, Program)

Edward B. Saff, "From Analog to Digital or How to Make the "Perfect" Poppy-Seed Bagel," October 24, 2019, (See Flyer)

Alan Sandstrom (ANTH), “Anthropology Gets Religion: Shaman-Priests and Water Mountains in Mesoamerica,” April 22, 2008 (See: Website, Video, Program)

Calvin Schrag, “Rhetoric Resituated at the End of Philosophy,” Oct. 10, 1984 (See: Program)

Eugenie Scott, “Why the Fuss about Darwin and Evolution?,” Sept. 8, 2010 (See: Website, Video, Program)

Anson Shupe (SOC), “Globalization and the Myth of Secularization,” April 15, 1998 (See: Program)

Chester G. Starr, “The Greek Miracle: Why Did It Happen?,” Sept. 27, 1989 (See: Video, Program)

Steven Stevenson, "Discovery of New Molecules of Tubular Carbon (Fullertubes)," Mar. 19, 2021 (See: Video)

Richard Sutter, (ANTH), "Ancient Lessons for Modern Times: Spectacular Violence, Population Displacements, and Climate Change During the Moche (AD 200-850) of Peru," March 3, 2020

Richard S. Westfall, “The Scientific Revolution and the Modern World,” April 10, 1996 (See: Video, Program)

Richard Weiner (HIST), "Scrambled Pictures: Mexico in the American Imagination," February 12, 2016 (See: Website)

Michael Wolf (POLS), "The Outlook for Political Civility and Compromise in the Trump Age," March 30, 2017 (See Website, Video)

David Yoder, “Technology and Human Communication: The Concerns, the Benefits, the Challenges,” March 23, 1984 (See: Program)

David Zarefsky, “Texas Annexation and Slavery: The Fatal Mix in Politics and Rhetoric,” Oct. 22, 2003 (See: Video, Program)